Highschool Starship

If you were into webcomics in the early aughts.... there's honestly very little chance that you have ever heard of Highschool Starship. If you were into incredibly insular pixel-art webcomics, there's a slightly less-insignificant chance that you were tricked into reading it once before moving on the the latest 8-Bit Theater or Bob & George. Rife with misspellings and bad art, it is exactly the kind of poorly executed vanity project you would expect from a video game-obsessed highschooler. It is slightly redeemed by it's clever writing, which I had nothing to do with.

In any case, here is the "official" Highschool Starship archive. Much of the original site has been lost to the sands of time - look, backups were lost, and it was before the cloud was a thing. Forgive us; We were young, and foolish!

But I have saved all of the original comic files and have been able to retrieve some other content thanks to archive.org, which is nice because the original site design actually holds up pretty well. I mean, actually it was a way nicer platform than anything we used it for; This thing is like a kazoo band performing at Carnegie Hall.

The first two comics were sort of a pilot that we eventually turned into an ongoing series, and then there was a third (and sort of a fourth) sequel to those 'pilot' comics. You can read these by clicking 'The 0th Ones' button below.

Highscoolstarship.com as it appeared around 2006

-Highscoolstarship.com; No longer updated every Monday

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Fault Credit for Highscool Starship goes to the following people, in order of crime severity:

  • Ben Wiley, webmaster - Just a warning (this time)

  • Ben Coleman, writer/ artist - Like, a few infractions at least

  • Sam Russel, writer - Felony, but with a good lawyer we can get this knocked down to a misdemeanor

  • Nick Horn, "artist" - Probably a violation of the Geneva Conventions

A big 'thank you' is also due to the webteam-turned-alumni of our highschool who were our muses: Thanks for being good sports through 50-some pages of this nonsense, guys. I would promise not to tell anyone your real names but, y'know... damage done.